This year everyone had the chance to qualify for a TCO21 Regional Event. We have divided the world into various geo-regions and the events are upon us!

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Here is what you need to know

  1. TCO21 Regional events will be all virtual and are scheduled to be held from August 2, 2021, until August 8, 2021. See the full schedule here.

  2. Every regional event will be held in parallel and members from all the regions will be competing in the same competitions. So while you’re competing against those in your region for regional rewards, you also have the chance to take home the TOP overall track spot from across the globe. Find all the competition rules below.

  3. There’s more! The more competitions you compete in, the more you can earn; including a Trip to TCO21 Finals!

  4. We’ll still hold a special event for each region individually to make sure you get to connect with members from your region.

  5. Oh, and t-shirts are being provided of course!

About the Competitions and Prizes

There will be a separate leaderboard available on the Regional event page, filtered with the members from your region. The best in the region will be awarded with the Regional Champion and cash prizes. Plus the champion among all the participants with the most points across all the tracks will also earn a trip to the 2021 Topcoder Open Finals!

Algorithm Competition

The Algorithm Competition is divided into two parts, the first one being the qualifying round with 128 competitors to qualify for the 2nd round. The top 32 who qualify from the 2nd round will earn a bid into the single elimination bracket style competition which will also serve as the WildCard Round for TCO21 Algorithm Competition.

Every member’s best position will be chosen to pick the regional winners and in case of a tie, problem points will be used to determine the regional winner.

UI Design Competition

Returning from last year, a bigger bracket-style Rapid UI Design Tournament! Continuing the format started at the TCO19 Finals, we bring you a 1-on-1 design tournament! Are you able to win your match-up? Are you able to “just survive” or will you do.minate everyone? Join us for a series of 30/60 minute design battles throughout as you make your way through the bracket… and become the next Design Bracket Champion.

Initially you all will be competing in a Design Seed Challenge and once you are seeded we will let you know your competition time and slot.

Development Competition

The Development Competition this year will be a Hackathon. This year we have a 72 hour hackathon for you to innovate on the problem statement and come up with interesting helpful solution to solve the problem statement.

Hackathon Problem statement, Judging Criteria will be revealed on the day of the launch of the Hackathon. Make sure you join the launch party and find out all the details of the event.

Lightning Marathon Match

We are excited to announce that TCO21 Regionals will feature a Lightning Marathon Match, which runs for 72 hours instead of the usual 7 days. Like the other tracks, the best in each region will take back home the titles of Regional Champions, while the champion of the champions wlll be awarded an extra cash prize.

QA Competition

We are happy to bring a 24 hour QA competition for you in this regionals as well. The competition details and kinds of testing will be revealed in the challenge specs on the day of the competition.


The more competitions you compete in, the more you can earn; including a Trip to TCO21 Finals!

This year we are awarding a trip to the TCO21 Finals! Yes you read it right, It’s simple and easy, compete in all the competitions and games, get points to become the best across all regions and tracks to win a trip to TCO21 Finals.

Read how you will be awarded points based on your placement and how it will help you win a trip to the TCO21 Finals, as well as earn other exciting cash prizes.

Overall Top Point Earner
Across All Regions

TRIP TO TCO21 & $500

2nd Place Point Earner
Across All Regions


3rd Place Point Earner
Across All Regions


4th Place Point Earner
Across All Regions


5th Place Point Earner
Across All Regions


*In case of a tie - the one with the lower cumulative sum of placements will be awarded (if a member hasn’t competed in a particular track, they will be given a placement 21 for comparison. In case the tie still stays, the one with the more cumulative scores will be awarded.


COMPETITIONS PLACEMENT1234567891011121314151617181920
UI Design504030252018161412109876543211
Algorithm Qualifying504030252018161412109876543211


For every competition track, there will be the following prizes for every region.

Each Regional Champion$250
Each Regional 2nd Place$100
Each Regional 3rd Place$75
Each Regional 4th Place$50
Each Regional 5th Place$25

*To be eligible for T-shirt and Prizes, you have to compete in at least one of the competitions and join the event during the opening ceremony, the closing ceremony and your own region’s meetup.

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